Looking for someone to do simple drawings of pipe and attachments

Looking for someone to take my drawings from paper and create SketchUp drawings for use. The drawings are 2 inch ID piping with 3/8 wall thickness, 18 inches long with a specific attachment at specific angle along the long axis; directly opposite of this attachment will be a second attachment. I can give photos of the attachments for the drawings. There are a total of 8 drawings needs. Petty simple, but I don’t have the time to learn and use SketchUp - Thanks in advance for your interest

SketchUp doesn’t make drawings; it’s a modeling application. Customary 2D drawings fall more within the province of LayOut, SU Pro’s companion app.

Although SU can send views of a model to the printer, or export them as 2D images, and although these views can be made to resemble customary 2D orthographic drawing views, SU’s dimensioning, annotation (e.g., notes, symbols), and page formatting capabilities (e.g., borders, title block, rev block) are weak to non-existent. Depending on how rigorously you wish to adhere to standard drawing preparation requirements and conventions, creating a satisfactory drawing with SU may or may not even be feasible.

Please clarify whether you simply want a 3D model of your piping or would like to go ahead with actual 2D drawings.


2D drawings would be great for my application. Thank you.

You’re saying you don’t require a model at all? You can’t really create 2D views in SU without building a model. What made you think SU was the right tool for your task in the first place?

It’s still not clear what you’re after. Do you require standard engineering drawings with page format, general notes, and complete dimensioning? Do you care about standard drafting conventions such as line types and line weights, section arrows and other forms of symbolic or graphic elements such as weld symbols or geometric tolerances? Do you require scaled views?


Sketch up is great. But it needs a model created to make the 2D views. You would be better off in terms of billed hours to just use one of the many 2D drafting programs. Try approaching the AUGI group. You will save a lot of cost if you have a titleblock and notes templates already. They will take as much time to create from scratch as the actual pipe.

That said if you really need something from scratch, and you are comfortable with mechanical engineering billing rates to just get it done. I can make it for you.