Turning 3D Drawing into an ISO

Hello All,

I’m looking to start the process of taking my 3D pipe drawing from SU and turning each line into its own ISO drawing for construction use. Does anyone have a tutorial or quick starting link that will help me get started with this adventure successfully?

Thank you,

By line do you mean pipe system for one fluid out of the total “bundle” of pipes for different fluids. Do you apply groups? Please elaborate.

Could you show us what it is you’ve got in your SketchUp model now and maybe provide an image that is similar to what you want to produce?

Yes sir that’s what I mean. I have a total of 20 different pipe runs in this pipe rack drawing I’ve created. Each with its separate purpose or fluid. Each line (from its tie point to it connection off of the pipe rack) is its own group.

Sure Dave,

Here you go. To the right of the ISO Example, but on the same drawing (info not shown on the example). I would have a “Parts List” generated from the 3Skeng Extension used to create the pipe lines.CP%2046-%20HTF%20Return ISO%20Example

What if each pipe run (start to finish and all that is relevant to it) is in its own group and each of these “pipe run” groups have their own layer assigned to the group
With all but one layer off and then one of the standard iso views turned on (in Parallel Projection mode), won’t you get what you want for that specific group (thus specific pipe run)?

p.s. turn to ‘Parallel Projection’ view first, prior to also switching to Iso view. Or at least tick the Iso view again (last) to get all angles right. Otherwise the camera may be to low or high.