Help me with my workflow

Hello to the group,
Been with SU since early on as an average user. We are now trying to keep on with SU to work out 3D renders that will then be brought back to 2D for CAD/CAM and then CNC.

Im currently working with a part that has a lot of graceful compound curves (in 2D). I am trying to model the parts and get them into 3D so I can work out the details, then of course flatten and send to CAD/CAM (Vectric) for toolpathing.

In trying to layout these curves it was proving very difficult taking measurements from an actual size drawing of the parts. So I opted to take a photograph of the drawing from directly above. Import the drawing into SU, scale, and then trace all the curves and dimensions using lines and bezier curves (plugin). Worked phenomenally. However somewhere in the process all the curves exploded so they are of course individual line segments. I am now trying to profile the edge of the 3D parts (radius) but follow me wont go past a single segment no matter what I try.

I was tickled with tracing the imported jpeg drawing as that process alone opens up endless possibilities for us working with a lot of hand drawn organic shapes that can be difficult to accurately model from dimensions.

Any guidance on tutorials or reading would be much appreciated.


It sounds like you need TIG’s TIG-Weld available through the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

If the segments are connected, you should be able select them all and run Follow Me on the selection. TIG-Weld will make it easier to select them, though.

You might also find it easier to select the edges for welding using LoopLab which is also available from the SCF Plugin Store.

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Thanks Dave. The weld helped immensely. I think I figured out where the explosion happened and can avoid it in the future but the weld will still be essential.