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Good morning all,

I thought i would just upload a couple of snips of a recent project to show how i use sketchup in industry (note: I removed the title heading which includes the client details at the bottom of the drawing). This is a combination of SU and inserting the snips into AC to detail. This is a recent construction project that i delivered on a sewage site, the main plans where designed by a third party but some of the detail wasnt great so i decided to a couple of models to ensure the detail was correct and the team onsite could work from.

This is just one of many prijects that I use SU for, somtimes I design the whole concept and somtimes I just add small details like I did here to ensure small areas where done correctly.

My work flow isnt perfect but it works for me, I dont tend to use layout as I find it a pain in the ass to work with, however I do use it for creating early high level concepts or presentation.

Im from the Uk and im a project engineer at the moment.

Feel free to let me know you thoughts or areas which you can see improvments are needed.



well, considering you work in pipes, I’d say that as long as your work flows, your workflow is fine :wink:


Are you using any plugin to model your pipes?

No, I model all pipe sections. We use ductile iron in the UK, I use the 2d cad block insert it into SU then model it, then create a new component and then save as a block in my cloud storage. I have lots now modelled so when I need a section I pull it in from my cloud storage. The valves and flexible joints VJ’s are all done the same way. I very rarely use models all ready done as they tend to be badly modelled, its better to juts do it yourself and build your own 3d library. Takes time but worth it.


Take a look at VBO Piping Pro. You can model your pipes very fast and include all of your componentes…


I have this plugin already, its ok and I do use it from time to time. For sewage instutry pipe we use flanged ductile iron which can range from DN80 - DN1000.

The plugin certianly works well in house models. Is this part of a larger BIM model or just an example? I Would be intrested seeing examples of how you use it. What country are you based?

Is a test I did. It’s a real project but I only model 1 flat. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, salon and kitchen. I modeled mechanical and plumbing.
I’m in Spain

You can model any type of MEP

Did you create construction drawings from the model?

Yes, but only walls, doors and windows. But you can export MEP to Trimble Connect and have all models in one view also make a Clash Detection. (Structural, MEP and Architecture)


Great job.
It is impossible not to love SketchUp. Isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using SU since version 2 for the purpose of doing illustrations for operations and maintenance manuals, proposals, etc., when I worked for Brown and Caldwell Environmental Engineers and Consultants. Before that, I used 2D apps for manually creating isometrics.

I had to do numerous piping illustrations for water treatment plant, pump stations, etc., before piping plugins were available, from hand sketches and imported plan, sections, and elevations. Centerlines for piping slopes were accurate in some cases to hundredth of foot.

Finally, the 3skeng plugin came out which made a huge time savings, especially for conceptual layouts which were often changed frequently. I retired before VBD Piping Pro was available but it looks to be a great plugin.

Attached are some examples that were done without piping plugins.

Design of the underwater sewer (Lake Oswego, Oregon) was done in SketchUp, then exported to AutoCad for final drawing sets.


Your drawings look great.

Here is what mine look like:



thanks for showing me this! love it.

Do you have any more examples or a website you have that shows your work? Did you ever produce construction drawings from this etc.

I have looked into 3skeng, seems quite expensive. I pay for my CAD stuff myself, as my primary role is a project engineer not a design engineer. I managed to get 2d cad out of my company as they could see i was showing benefits in my job.

Nice work,

what do you do for work? Do you have any more examples?

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Here are a few more examples of my workflow using SU and AC. From some of the 3D layouts I will then do more detailed contrcution drawings or fabrication drawings.

These are all drawings from constructions jobs that have actually been built. I have found using SU upfront and get survey plans and site measures create a very real BIM model. Most of these jobs have gone to plan with no issues this includes not over ordering on materials, not hitting any existing services during digging also for some tricky designs the guys have managed to get their heads around it as a team and over come the issues from looking at the 3d desigsn onsite.

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The under what stuff is epic, how deep was that? also the pipe line is that almost floats and the anchors are keeping in place?