A few production models

I thougt I would share a few models that I have been working on recently.
All are in production or have been produced.

Heat exchanger

Boiler House full install including bespoke hot water tank(hotwell), blowdown vessel, manifold, piping etc. Steam

Plantroom pipework installation inc. manifold and pumps. Hotwater only.

Containerised steam boiler plant
(WIP) And the Container is from warehouse @GTvehicle


I love the pipework installation image. Did you create all the valves, hand-wheels, etc. yourself? They look good.

Thank you.

The pump units were provided by the supplier and I had some tidying to do on import.
The valves are crudely modelled by myself but all extents are correct. I tend to model as required for production, so valve internals are often omitted.

I will follow up with some of the heritage steam boiler work I am involved with, there tends to be a greater level of detail involved with this side of things.

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Proposal for a new boiler house install won just last week


A couple of screenshots showing use of cloud data in my workflow.
I use a combinations of Trimble Scan Essentials and Recap Pro when working on projects in SketchUp. I also use Plant 3D when needed (but tend to aim for SketchUp where possible as any of my proposals are produced using SU and I like to try avoid lots of exporting and cross software working if I can!



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Couple more of the same project


Wow! Impressive @aroberts! Glad you found Scan Essentials useful in this project!

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Most useful @kyle_de , thank you!

Has been a couple of months since I posted any more work but the shop has been busy!
Here is an 18m^3 stainless steel hot water tank. Braced, Insulated and clad then sat atop a box section support frame. Water softener bottles and ancillary items sit underneath and all will supply large 6 ton steam boiler when on site. The hot water tank is suitable to supply three boilers where the additional two are to follow in future phases.

The access platform is modular so can be easily transported then re-assembled on site. Ladders to connect 1st platform with tank top but couldn’t fit it in on the pre-assembly, it was clashing with the crane.

Model and realisation (Still WIP)


Still going on the same large project currently. The master model is beginning to get cumbersome. Im working from a number of isolated models now and updating component sets as I go.