The Last Steam Engine

…seriously… This was over 200 pieces… I’m cured of the desire to model these things… And it’s ugly (thus the lack of render)… The exploded view is pretty cool, though… I figured worth sharing…

23 PM


I very like your engine models. I think they could look even better with antialiasing :wink:

Nice job @TheOnlyAaron, congrats.
How did you made the exploded view? I guess it was made little by little, piece by piece?

I seriously hope that sometime you can take a model like this, press Print and get a working model as a result.

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Thanks! I moved components to space them out so they would look good. I know there is an extension out there that tries to do this for you, but I have had the best results using the move command:


Well, I don’t know about that…beauty being in the eye of the beholder and that sort of thing…

Just saying… Big aluminum block versus the nice BRASS pistons and such on the others…

Mind the spell check. :grin:

Whoops! That was a new one!

Then, I guess, it’s on to modeling boilers.

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Fabulous work there!