Looking for a Favour

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a favour.
I’ve got a solar panel and a hot water tank from the 3D warehouse.
I’ve tried to connect the pipework between the two for ages to no avail.
I can email the file as it seems to be too big to upload here.
Could some of you experts do it for me.

I’d be glad to help you, as would others I’m sure, but I’d much rather help you do it yourself, or at least show you how, than simply do it for you. That’s kind of the idea of the forum.

First, are you saying your model is too big to upload to the 3D Warehouse? Have you purged and resaved it (Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused)?

Then, please describe what you’re trying to do and what kinds of problems you have encountered. Modeling a pipe is very easy: I’m positive you’ll be able to do that with a little coaching.


Thanks Gully, I’m new enough to sketchup, but will definitely try and follow a few tuturials so I can improve.
basically I got two drawing from the 3D warehouse and combined them. What I’m trying to do is link the solar panel and hot tank with pipework.
The file is 4.7mb and the system says it’s too big.

You shouldn’t really have to upload the file. A screenshot would be as good, since apparently you don’t have the piping started yet, so there would be nothing to look at. However, you need to get a lot more verbose. Please do not force me to drag information out of you.

That much I know. What kind of pipe (e.g., steel, copper, pvc)? Are you using fittings or just bent tube? What problems are you having? Why is modeling the pipe an issue?

Assume I can answer questions for you, but in order for me to do so you must first ask a question.


Okay Gully hopefully this is more helpful. The orignal pipework came from the tank drawing. I exploded some of the pipes and copied over to the solar panel. Basically I’m trying to join them together but as they’re in a different plane (I think) I can’t manage to connect them.

Neil, if you don’t tell me what the problem is, I’m going to have to withdraw my offer to help. So far, you’ve told me,


What does that mean? I can’t tell if this is an engineering problem or a modeling problem. Do you know what you want to do and can’t perform the modeling operations or do you not know where you want the piping to run and which fittings to use?

Are these things exactly where they need to be, i.e., in different planes? What do you mean you think they’re in different planes? Didn’t you put them there? Do you have some particular plan or routing in mind for the piping or just the most direct connection using the least fittings? Is there some reason you can’t just cut the risers to the same elevation and top them each with a ninety el pointing right at each other with a length of pipe in between? If so, what is it?

Do you not know how to copy the fittings? Do you not know how to move objects? What? What is the problem? Where are you stuck? What do you want to do that you can’t?

I’m looking for very specific information that is relevant to identifying and solving your problem, starting with a succinct description of the problem itself.


Ok got it done as far as here but am now stuck. Just want to do this last connection but the pipes aren’t lining up. The slight offset between is what’s killing me!

This may help.


solar plumbing.skp (840.4 KB)


Zoom in over the misaligned fitting, and give us a screen shot of the Top View. . . >Camera >Standard Views… Top.

It might also be helpful to add in a guide line as well. either that or just extrude the horizontal pipe all the way through the vertical one. so you can see how far off the alignment really is. *if using the extrude method, make sure one of the objects is in a group, so that the two pipes don’t merge together or stick to each other.

Thanks guys, see attached JimD


Piping systems are generally designed around centerlines and centerpoints to simplify alignment. See what you think of this general procedure:


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