Need help pleeeeeeesssssssssseeeee


hi anyone, I am stuck on one part of my uni assignment …
I need to represent holes going through a ‘pipe’ as such, and if it was a flat block I could simply push/pull it through, but because both surfaces are outside/inside pipe curved surfaces, it won’t let me do it.
I’ll put a photo of what it’s suppose to look like, followed by my dead-end attempt with sizes etc of how I’m trying to do it… I’ve got it all drawn bar having the holes and sections done…
once I’ve got this done, I can section it and finish it.




start over and create all your arcs on axis


I’m so lost i just don’t get it


It’s not too clear what you are trying to do, but I think the solid tools (trim) will help you --one can cut the shape into another - they both need to be groups. I’m using bool tools but its the same idea.



Hi whiterabbbit …
yep that’s the concept needed. I have sketchup pro 2018, so I’ll look for that tool. Also, your advice will definitely help me with the next assessment task.
Thank you so much


With SketchUp Make, without “special tools”


thank you thank you thank you…
I actually started thinking that way of building the 2 tiered cylinder but just couldnt figure it out…



this is the same concept more with your issue?? using pro’s solid tools.
it could also be done by intersecting elements too, but as you have pro maybe this is easier.

Also, form the get go, if you had originally drawn the elements with the same diameters etc it would of fitted together with less issues.


thank you
im trying to find those tools now …


its under "TOOLS’ solid tools/trim

better to right click in blank spot in your top tool area and you will se list of available tools/plugins…select “solid tools”


In that case, your profile is wrong which means you may not get appropriate advice. I was going to mention Solid Tools until I read your profile…


Hey, I love this…
is there a way to roll out the cylinder as if I wanted to make a pattern from it after removing the hole from the insert?


Thanks man. So do I need to change my profile or something?

I have got really good advice, thanks to everyone. I’m just trying to get by and get my assessments done.
There are some absolutely amazing talented people here.


You sure do.

Go to your icon/avatar in the top right of the screen and look for preferences. Your profile details are shown in there. The more you can include (within reason!) and the more accurate it is, the better and faster help you will get. This forum is a fantastic resource but follows the GIGO principle.


Hey Simon, I made some changes to my profile. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


not sure i understand what you need, could you explain in a little more detail?


Do you have the holes sorted out now?

You could use an extension like Flattery to unfold the cylinder. If it’s only the cylindrical part you need to flatten out, I would be inclined to just draw a rectangle of the appropriate size. You can get the circumference of the circle from Entity Info and use that for the the length of the rectangle.

FWIW, this is what I wound up with working from your screen shot.


Hi whiterabbit, sorry for the confusion, it.Is my next assignment that this skill would come in handy

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