Sketchup of pipe w/ dimensions - Looking for assistance or for hire

I have been trying to create a model of a bent pipe with dimensions. At this point I am not sure i am grasping all the concepts of Sketchup to create this. It doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult to create.

This is what I am trying to duplicate in Sketchup but also adding the diumensions to it:

If you are willing to help create this or give me some pointers or links to tutorials on how to create this I would appreciate it.



What’s more important, learning to draw it in SketchUp or just getting it drawn? If you want to learn how to draw it, I could set up a thing to show you “live” if you want. Contact me by PM.

Pretty basic stuff. Just learn the program and things like this become obvious.

As for dimensioning, a lot depends on which dimensions and dimensioning conventions you want to use. Also, sorry to say, SU doesn’t do angular dimensions, so you’ll have to improvise a bit. Maybe something like this:


(By the way: these are centerline dimensions. Unfortunately, SU doesn’t do centerlines either. If your point, therefore, becomes, “Well, how the heck am I supposed to dimension 3D objects?” that’s what I’ve been asking for years.)

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