Modeling a Steam Engine Live with Aaron

Let’s get technical! This Friday we will be building a model of a steam engine, piece by piece! Join Aaron as he usese SketchUp to 3D model accurate pueces of a steam engine and floow along!

Watch on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.



Any pointers as to the blueprint/model you’ll be working from please?

Best wishes @TheOnlyAaron. I wish I could watch you as you do it live.

A stab in dark.

click on the picture to see it move.

Thanks Dave.

Here is the plan that i will be working from! See you all soon!

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Are there issues with the live stream?

My steam engine on the warehouse Sterling traction engine 1859 | 3D Warehouse

For some reason there are 2 YouTube session showing but only this one SketchUp Live! - YouTube is where Aaron is

22 of us were in the link YouTube had told us to go to. Aaron and everyone else was in a different stream.

I went back to the main SketchUp YT page, and joined the real stream from there.

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