Sketch Your Own Adventure with Aaron!

We are trying something fun this week! We are going to start a model, and ask for your input throughout the modeling process. We will be polling the audience for input suggestions, and Aaron HAS to do what your votes say! Check it out, live on YouTube! it’s going to be fun!


Join us only on YouTube!


Would it be possible for you to schedule the livestream on YT in advance? That way I can tell YouTube to notify me when you go live.

(yes, I’m subscribed, but for some reason my subscribe notifs don’t work where as ‘notify me’ livestream ones do)

You can see all planned events on this thread:

Details added as we… you know… make them up…

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Do you know what you’re going to start with? Just so we can get the creative juices flowing ready for Friday.

Let’s kick this thing off with a choice here on the forum! Use the poll below to pick what kind of model we should start with tomorrow!

Log Cabin

Shipping Container House

Tiny House
Tiny House

  • Log Cabin
  • Shipping Container House
  • Tiny House

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Hi, we’ve scheduled the stream on YouTube: Sketch Your Own Adventure with Aaron! - YouTube
Hope to see you there!

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Thanks @matt_robison

I meant more like this: @jody or @theonlyaaron

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Here is a spiral stair made with the Engineering Toolbox.

Spiral stair.skp (95.2 KB)

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That was soo fun :smiley: sorry if I took over (?) lol :'D

Not unlike the example picture of a container house shown above.

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Special moment from the session.


Ha! That’s awesome!!

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