Tuesday Night SketchUp!

OK, so this is not an official SketchUp or Trimble event, but i thought there may be some interested. @josephkim626 invited me to be on his weekly livestream this evening (8:00 PM Mountain time or 2021-08-11T02:00:00Z your time. His live stream is about technology, AEC, and, quite often, SketchUp! Swing by if you like!


Actually works for my timezone for a change.

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OK, so that is 3am in my time zone so, to be honest, I’m probably going to miss it. Will there be a YouTube video available to see later?

Ha! see you there :slight_smile:

Yes! of course.
The same link will do the trick.

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Perfect. Thanks, Aaron!

Have fun!

Ask Ted when he’s gonna start his YouTube channel! :sunglasses:


I will try to remember to ask!

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I guess he is gonna be asked twice today as I always him too :laughing:

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