SketchUp Facebook Live

Tune in this Wednesday, August 30 at 11 am MST to SketchUp LIVE on Facebook! @TheOnlyAaron will model a chair in SketchUp using 2D reference images, and then pass that SketchUp file over to @Josh for some final touches in LayOut.

Feel free to submit any questions you might have here, or during the live event on Facebook.

Hope to see ya there!


Going to be doing some live modeling!


A special thanks to @DaveR for keeping me on my toes, today!

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You’re quite welcome Aaron. You did other things to show that the viewports would update after making modifications. I thought maybe you guys would rotate the chair to show that. :slight_smile:

It was a good session. Kudos to both of you.

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Thanks to all who tuned in! We’ll let you know when we’re live again next month. And if there’s anything SketchUp or Layout-related you’d like to hear about live on Facebook, feel free to suggest it here.

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