Facebook Live Event

Hello. The official page of SketchUp on Facebook posted about an upcoming live event with @TheOnlyAaron. Was really looking forward to it to participate and say hi. But the event post has been removed from Facebook. I subscribed to get a notification when the event goes live and I remember it said 7 PM my time. It’s past that hour already but I didn’t get anything. Does anyone have any updates?

Hi @VahePaulman! We have finished the live event. This run was sort of a trial run, to see how this sort of even would go. Next time we will plan on giving a little more heads up (including a post, here on the forums), so, hopefully, you will be able to catch it live. A recording of the event should show up on our Facebook page soon, though.

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Oh such a pity I missed it. Well, hopefully, better luck next time. Looking forward to it Aaron. :slight_smile:

We will try to give you more advanced notice, next time!

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For anyone who might stumble across or look for this in the future - the Facebook live event has been uploaded onto YouTube. Thank you Aaron and Josh and all the other behind the camera people.
Personally, this felt like going back to kindergarten for me of course, however, it reflected how much I’ve grown and I enjoyed watching you guys. Wishing you all best of luck and will be looking forward for the next live stream. :slight_smile: :thumbsup: