A couple of Locomotives Modeled in SketchUp and Presented in Layout


Hope you’all enjoy.


Fabulous. I really like your presentation style.


Very, very nice.


Absolutely beautiful.


Excellent work - any post production?

Were the backgrounds in SU or added after?


Very nice models! What sort of reference material were you able to use, and what was your approach to creating the model in SketchUp?


Very nicely done.


Wow, very nice!


Very good!


Gorgeous! I can almost smell the smoke!


I for one would like to know a little about your method. Did you have access to some old documents or pictures?


I noticed the “8 pointer” on Old #8…any significance or just subtle play?


The top one looks a lot like a poster my dad had in his train room.




Thanks!! Backgrounds are SU and I did no post production for these. I just played with combining and revising a number of styles until I found one i liked that had a sort of light pencil quality. As I’m sure everyone here knows, SketchUp Artists has what seems like a million great styles for getting started.


Thanks TDahl! I have several books on locomotives and one in particular is the “Encyclopedia of Steam Locomotives” It is a great resource as is just searching the internet for images from all directions.


Hi Julia, would love to see that poster :slight_smile: Thanks for commenting, and thanks for sharing your work. I use many of your extensions daily. You’re a rockstar.


Thanks to all for the very nice comments!!


i said this was wonderful earlier and the more I’ve thought about it since the more I agree with myself! I find myself going back to look at it again. You say you didn’t do any post productive work on this, but would you be able to share how you achieved the colouring? It has a softness about it that I would like to know how to do.


I had to look for information. Part of the early locomotives of our Finnish railways also came from the Baldwin works.
I am not a full time steam enthusiast, but I still cherish a fond memory of the hour I spent aboard the last Finnish heavy steam locomotive in operational use in 1975, just months before it was put out of use. I remember that the operating team was very fond and proud of their job and visibly loved the machine they were using. I don’t know what happened to the film we made of the occasion.