A couple of Locomotives Modeled in SketchUp and Presented in Layout


I always love to see SketchUp projects with trains in them. Absolutely marvelous!


Thanks so much for the nice comment. I love experimenting with styles, combining them, adding watermarks and creating my own styles in the process. For this this image I used one called “light pencil overlay with colorwash background” by James Hannigan, found on the SketchUpartists.org site. If you haven’t checked that site out, it’s wonderful, highly recommended and epitomizes why I love SketchUp so much (open source and people sharing their hard work).

This particular style that I came up with I named “locomotive portrait style” . Please feel free to use it: Locomotive portrait style.style (606.3 KB)


Beautiful renditions of two steam engines. I would love to run them on my virtual railroad, The Everett & Monte Cristo Ry. I have been creating structures (buildings, bridges, piers) and train cars (flatcars, gondolas, boxcars) based on historical documents of the EMCRyCo. I create them in 1:1 scale. I am using a computer program called Trainz, which allows me to actually run and operate trains. You have done a lot of work. Now to make the wheels go round and round.
Didrik Voss


is awesome.!!.
well done


Beautiful work. Well done!


This is lovely work! Bravo.


a very beautiful job. i love it !


I would love for you to use them if you can. The models are pretty big but I can maybe send them to you via dropbox.


Dropbox will work. Thank you for sharing.
Didrik Voss


Wonderful work! Well done mitchell.campbell!