Some weekend training I did

Do you all see these ads on Facebook and other places, for kits like this one?

I saw that particular one a few months ago, and ordered two of them. I was interested in it as a model kit anyway, but inspired by @TheOnlyAaron and his Lego Millennium Falcon, I bought the second kit so that after building the real thing I would give it a try in SketchUp.

I finished the physical version a few weeks ago, and just got around to trying to do a SketchUp version. It took a while, there are 162 different types of part, and 272 parts in the final model. Here’s a look at how the individual parts were in SketchUp.

The built train and carriage in SketchUp.

And a render in Adobe Dimension.

It’s the most use of SketchUp I’ve had in years!


Isn’t weekend “training” just a fancy way of saying “Paid Overtime”?

Maybe you should move this post out of the gallery section… call it a tutorial… and send off an invoice to SU’s weekend project coordinator.

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Sounds like an idea! “Training” is a pun, I was making a train.

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That is cool!

I spotted that. :wink:

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