Locomotovie type 754 "Goggles" scale 1:25 - 3D printed

My new model of locomotive type 754 which is one of the most favourite train in Czech rep by fans. The locomotive is called “Goggles” or may be “Bespectacled” due to shape of frame around windows on mask. In czech it’s “Brejlovec”. This is one type of locomotives which removed steam locomotives in 50th of 20th century.
Model is drafted in Sketchup and 3D printed with Prusa MK3S from material PLA. hope I will remake the model for garden railway next year and it will be next step in my progress.





3D print:

Thx for watching :slight_smile:


Always impressive to see your 3D models and the 3D prints. Great work!


Wow! Another amazing 3D and physical model - wonderful paint finish on the parts. Congratulations.

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Excellent work :+1:

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Thank you :-). There wasn’t any postprocess. All are colours of filaments.

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Very impressive! I love when a printable model has some good color separation to make painting a non-issue. I never was able to get good at painting models back in high school when it was a hobby of mine. I just don’t have steady enough hands I guess but it didn’t stop me from trying. These days, I tend to prefer models like yours that have all the colors separated out and that does tend to limit my selection a bit more than I would like.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough here. Overall you did an amazing job with this and I hope to see more of your work in the future!


Thank you, I’m not so good in painting models because I’m not pation to wait when dry each layers of color. It always took many time so I prefer choosing the right color of material :slight_smile:


As always, stunning work @mikimaus !! Amazing result without postprocessing by the way!
Please keep on sharing your work.

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Thank you, of course :slight_smile: When I will done next model, I wil published it here again :slight_smile:


Impressive results, such good modelling work. Bravo!

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