Steam locomotive type 310.0 - 3D printed

This is my new 3D printed model crafted in Sketchup…I made it fot 4 months in my free time.
I 3D printed it with Prusa MK3 from PLA.

Sketchup Images:



3D printed model (photography):

Michal Brož modely


What a wonderful result. In addition to your drawing, the end result on your 3D printer is of course the coronation at work! :+1:

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You write that you printed the 3D print with PLA. Have you still reworked the print? If so how?

Thank you very much, I’m really glad :slight_smile:
The print is without post-processing. I used Prusament PLA Galaxy Black.

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Clear and thank you for your comment.

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What a masterpiece!

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Fabulous model, great job!

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That’s amazing.

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We have wasted our lives.

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Your tank models are amazing too!


Thanks, but this steam train is next level up from Next Level. The model, the model renders, the printed model, even the photography.

I’m in awe, and I was already in awe of @mmarcovith’s gun turrets and @DaveR’s mine shaft train!

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Hi! This is truly superb work. What did you render the model with?

Thank you all!
I rendered it in Twinmotion. If you want you can view the model in Twinmotion cloud. The model has 80mb:


Really amazing! Seriously, PLA was able to do all those rivets so cleanly? Do you make allowance for any tolerance where pieces it together? Any need to sand to fit them together?

Yes, all parts are only printed and assembled. I drafted all joints with tolerance 0,2mm around the perimeter. Print resolution was 0.2mm.


Amazing work!

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Great job! This is awesome

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Wait! mikimaus? You also have a sense of humor. I’m fascinated with your locomotive. I thought I was the one who got bogged down in detail. By the way! do you also use Shaper3D? That thought flashed before I saw it was SketchUp.

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That is a fantastic piece of work, your attention to detail is unbelievable.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I really used only Sketchup with few addons.