Prague metro 1:25 - 3D printed model

This is my new model of metro type E which was the first Prague metro carriage. It was in service since 1974 to 2007. My wife wished make this model of metro because she remembered when she was studying in university in Prague (Czech republic) and she went to school by this train. This train was soviet production and I realize that in politician contexts russian machine is not cool.
I drawed the model in Sketchup and printed on FDM 3D printer (Prusa MK3). The scale is 1:25.



Model in sketchup



Work in progress

Final 3D printed model:



This is absolutely amazing!

May I ask if you draw and model this in SketchUp? Was it the same process as Cotty described me in his thread- export as .stl and used a slicer software? I am not sure what is a slicer software if there are some which would work best with SketchUp, or this is something just as controversial than any other topic? (Render softwares tec.)…

Great piece of work! Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for reply,
yes, the model is drawed in SketchUp. If you want to model in SketchUp for 3D print the most important thing is all the parts must be “Solid Groups” or “Solid Components” and make it with correct faces. Great extension for this is “Solid inspector 2” by thomthom…Slicer is another software than SketchUp. In slicer you can prepare the model from SketchUp (in STL file) to data for 3D print (G-code) the. You can set number of bottom layers, top layers, permimetres, infill or supports etc. and then you slice original model to each layers (codes for 3D-printer)…In the pic, up is imported STL file from SketchUp and down is sliced model with setup. You can see green supports, dark green brim, orange perimetres and red top layers. Then I upload file with G-code to SD card and start 3D printing


and it’s on brand. you should check @mikimaus other work… stunning !

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Fantastic model - both the digital 3D model and the physical printed unit. I love the exploded view image!


Wow, that’s really cool.

I love the view witha all of the components exploded outwards

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Wow. Your whole process and outcome is astonishing. Well done. Extraordinary quality.



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What a beautiful design and construction. No, this Russian machine is indeed a work of art and VERY cool. And to move to 3D production is hard to believe (until you see the pictures). Oh, how I hope you keep producing works like this. It encourages me to keep going with SU! Thanks!



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Dear Mikimaus
I agree with the other comments here that this work is truly amazing and shows your capacity for skill and patience as well as your passion. a wonderful example of what SketchUp is capable of for this output.
thank you for sharing your stages and help to answer questions.
Awesome work.

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Thank you all ! I’m glad you like it. I make the models in my free time and everytime I try to make the models more detailed and better then before. I think the Sketchup is pretty great software to make 3D printed models like this, I like the workflow with solid groups and components, tags and modeling with clean geometry and possibility to make models with subdivided topology known from Blender and other 3D software. Finally this model is quite easy to make thanks to the workflow, but it takes many hours to do it. But I think the process is much more interested and funny then the final result :-).


Dear Mikimaus

After viewing your setup, design, rendering to printing I am very impressed.
Also what really caught me was the printing. I have been using Ender 3 V2 with upgrades but my prints has become bad over the time. As for support from Creality there is none, so I am considering swapping to a Prusa machine.
Love your work and seeing how SketchUp is not only for architectural design. I have been using Fusion 360 is matter.
All the best to you and have a nice Happy Ending along with a Happy New Design and Printing Year.