Locomotive 475.1 "Noblewoman" with tender (3D printed)

Hello everyone,
this is my model of steam engine 475.1 known as “Noblewoman”. I drafted the model in Sketchup 2017 and 3D printed on Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3. The model takes around 200 hours of drafting and 300 hours of 3D printing. The Model has more than 300 parts. The scale is 1:25.


You can visit my web for more info about the model.

Hats of to you sir! .This is one of the more impressive 3D-printing projects I have seen.

What filaments did you use?

Thank you very much! I used PLA Prusament Galaxy Black and Galaxy Silver.
Resolution is 0.2mm.

I am newbie on Sketchup Forums so I will add more my creations :slight_smile:

Amazing - Really Impressive work on all fronts

Thank you…
now I can upload more photos, so lets go


This is impressive!

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This is beautiful!

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Absolutely stunning!

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@eneroth3 @TheOnlyAaron @MichaelSiggers @aroberts @Teeem Thank you very much and have a nice day


I have also done personal wagon from 1939…

and now I am working on interior for the wagon


A year ago I sent this photo to magazine competition…theme was “A railway where you would not expect it”.


I am curious as how these models are assembled. What type of joints? The tolerances used for the joints? Do they snap together or are the glued together?

Tolerances around holes are 0.2 - 0.25mm…the most of joints is able to join without glue,but I recommend to use glue :slight_smile:

I really didn’t think you could get that level of detail out of a string printer. I’m using a Elegoo Mars LCD mask resin printer and it goes to 10 microns (I usually stop at 40), but what you’ve accomplished is terrific!

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Beautiful work. Congratulations on the Prize. There should be more opportunities to compete and be recognized for talent, and diifficult work, like this.