Industrial Piping 3D modeling and Spec-driven isometric drawings and spool drawing


  1. if sketch up can do spec-driven piping models and extract isometric drawings from them

There are a few notable pipe-lover extensions listed in this section, namely 3skeng.

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3skeng is good, but is limited that they don’t have enough common components included in it. Valves are not at all there. The site has flanges and fittings included but not valves. I wish someone who can do coding do one parametric for a Ball valve so that it can be used for a series of sizes by selecting a nominal size.

On the other hand why not Trimble integrate all this into a Piping Conceptual tool such a Piping Engineer can use for doing a concept on the fly. I have a 3D facility models in .dgn created using laser scan of entire facility. These are viewable in a model viewer. As a Piping Engineer myself, I wish I could do a conceptual Facility change depicted against the backdrop of the .dgn 3D model. If there are interested persons on this forum we can join hands into this development.

I am trying out cool pipe. It is a Russian Language website. Not able to find the .rbz extension in the .zip download.

@backlit, on this page I get a rbz file to download. A .RBZ file is a zip file. If your downloader is doing anything to change the file extension, just rename the .ZIP part to .RBZ after downloading…

Language shouldn’t be an issue. The site has a Google translator gadget in the upper right corner. Also, if you use Chrome, you can r-click on a page and select the Translate option. And a translate icon maybe visible in the address bar.

Thanks catamountain,

I shall try it that way. In the mean time I found another extension that
seems to be working the way it should be. Yes, I did do the google
translate using the language selector. However on going further into the
extension, I see that the data files included for the extension are with
the Russian alphabets. It deters me from looking further. There cannot be a
translation to that since they are data.

Although not inexpensive, Trimble has their own MEP extension for SketchUp.

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The CoolPipes extension supports 7 languages. As you seem to be looking at the extension files/folders, cp_langhandler.rb and the files inside the Resources folder make the extension multi-lingual. If there are any shortcomings or suggestions, drop a note to the developer as they do all the work on the extension.