Print excel graph to scale?


I just downloaded SU, so I’m very newbie.
I have a several simple 2D graphs in Excel. These are actually cross section plans for a boat. I want to be able to print the 2D graphs to scale so that I can use the print outs to cut wood cross sections. This may mean a single cross section will use multiple sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper.

How to import the existing .xls worksheet into SU?

Is SU the correct tool to do this?


You can’t import a Excel file into SketchUp. You could, however, use the offsets to draw the stations (cross sections) in SketchUp. Draw them at the full dimensions and then print them to scale. It would be easiest to draw in Sketchup first and then use LayOut to set up for printing to scale–you could export a full scale PDF and have your local office supply store print it on large paper so you don’t have to join multiple small sheets together.

You can print to scale directly from SketchUp but it’s a little more convoluted.

I would nest the half- frame outlines on a single large sheet so you can lift them to whatever you’re building the frames from.

Note that LayOut is a pro feature but if you just downloaded SketchUp, you should be using the Pro trial and will have access to LayOut.

Thanks DaveR,

I have some excel tables of X,Y coordinates in inches. How do I bring those into SU. I don’t understand how to do what you say in your second sentence.


See the private message I sent you. Click on the brown R in the upper right corner of this page.

There may be some plugins around that can read a CSV (comma delimited values) text file into SketchUp as Construction Points (aka Guide Points.) (Excel can export as CSV text data.)

There are alot of nifty plugins that can deal with points (and making curves from them):

Cloud imports CSV and DEM point cloud data files.

A couple of lofting plugins:

Agree! In fact if it will take any time (before you use them,) and if you may wish to reuse them, I would suggest getting the lofts plotted on mylar, and store in a nice plastic storage tube.