Printing sections out, newbie, please help


im not really well versed in this program. i created a 3d object like i wanted. i sectioned it and i want to figure out how to print the sections out at the same scale. so i can transfer them and construct a model. ive been messing around with things for a few days but i cant figure it out. i think i can maybe figure out how to print each indiviually, but i am worried about keeping the scale correct. any advice is greatly appreciated.


I’m not familiar with Make, but I know even in pro if you export 2d images off of scenes they may not all conform to a consistent scale, its usually better to use Layout…
A couple of suggestions would be: to group all of your sections onto one plane in Su so that they print out at the same time on one sheet, they would all be in the same relative scale.
Also you could take each section individually and put a simple frame around each one, (base that frame size on the largest section). Then when you come to print there is a constant in each image to scale to. If all are cropped to that frame the printer can be set to print to fit media, then all should be equal? It could also be that you could scale them in photoshop with that frame too. If you had SU PRO and Layout, the output would scale properly.
You could use the same frame idea around each image and make sure that is fitting the screen prior to export to achieve same results??
Otherwise hang tight and someone may have a better idea.


You can print from Make to specific scale, but it’s not entirely self evident. I’m on a Mac so it looks different from Windows, but I think it should work the same.

First, Page Setup…


Here 11x17 paper, horizontal is selected. At a scale of 1/4" = 1’ - 0" you can fit something that’s about 42 ft high by 66 ft wide on one piece of paper. You may want to put some thought into your printer/paper size, scale and object size to figure out what fits on what paper.

Second, Document Setup…


Uncheck Fit View to Page, but keep in mind, SU tries to print your whole window anyway including all the empty space you may see around your object. The zoom level matters to what prints and doesn’t print. Zoom in so your object just fills the screen. If it still doesn’t fit on one page, it will tell you. Here by setting 1" In Drawing equals 4’ in Model, it will come out at 1/4" = 1’ - 0" scale.

Third, Print…

You can see a preview and the number of pages. On a Mac you have the option to save a PDF, or Open a PDF in Preview instead of going straight to the printer.

For the model, you can move copies of the profiles, or place them in a new document and lay them all out flat for the purposes of printing. Here 's an example from a building that I manually unfolded, and laid out the sides, roof surfaces, etc to print for a model. Here are the two ends of the building laid side by side, and at 1/8" scale fit easily on 8 1/2 x11 paper.


Hello @mattg6o,

Your profile says you’re using SketchUp Make on a Windows 10 PC.
Here’s a guide to printing to scale for Windows PC users via SketchUp’s native print feature.

There’re a few ways to do do this, depending upon how the model is organized.
Uploading the model with your reply will help us help you.


boat hull sectioned finished.skp (724.4 KB)
is this what you wanted?


What are you planning to construct the model from? How large will it be?


Here’s a version in which I made a separate layer for each top-level group, changed the camera to parallel projection so scaling will work, and front view. If you leave only one layer (and layer0) visible at a time, you can do what @Geo referenced to print each layer at the same scale.

boat hull sectioned finished layered.skp (741.1 KB)


i got all the planes printed up ty. i see how to do it this way now. it involved a lot of hiding planes and undoing but i think it all printed perfectly.
DaveR- ill be making it from balsa and 3/4oz glass & epoxy. 1"=1’ scale. at some point in the future after much more research and a 16’ flats boat build next year i will be building this boat. i want to get something hands on so i can really visualize. thanks