Scaling issue when importing into layout

hi all would appreciate some help.
im a builder and have been doing my own drawings for some time, but the local councils are getting high tech and demanding printed scaled drawing these days, and finding a reasonble company is proving dificult so im taking the plung and have invested in sketch up pro. now normaly id put the time in and research but as winter approaches and this project is on my own home time is short.

i have made 1;100 scaled drawings in sketch up (2d) exported to pdf when i import them to layout they are a different size and are still not printing to scale, is a waste of paper at 1:100 to do 1 per page so im importing ground and first floor floor plans to the same a4 portrait, and the ground floor diagram is considerebly smaller than the first floor. and they are not printing at 12.6 cm wide which they should.

would appreciate some help thanks tony

In layout “sketchup model / view” just select a scale and be sure to have selected the right paper size to accommodate it.
But you need to go back to your original SU files and make them “full scale” so the scaling works.

In your SU model this should be as simple as using the tape tool on a known length and re-entering its real size in VCB, there would be a prompt to “re-scale whole model”. Saving that file and updating its reference in LO should then work.

thank you ill give it a go right now

ok i have sorted it thanks to your guys help it was a scaling adjustment in the su viewer box on insertion that was required.

thank you guys

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