Problems resizing and changing the scale


I have used a DWG file import (for the first time) into SU and created a couple of plan scenes. When I import them into Layout, they come in fine but with a ‘custom’ scale. If I try to resize the model window, it doesn’t resize the model, just cuts some of it out of the view. If I try to set a scale and preserve the scale on resize, when I do this I lose sight of the model completely.

I know I’m doing something wrong but can’t work out what! Any tips please?

best, Sally


Hi Sally, can you share the LayOut file? If you don’t want to share it publicly, send it to me via e-mail or private message.



Here is the Layout file. Let me know if you need the SU file too. Thanks Dave

resizing test.layout (478.4 KB)


Sally, what scale do you want to use?


Sally, how big is this building supposed to be. I’ve found several problems but the first one has to do with the size of the floor plan. The long angled wall is almost 23 Km long in the Sketchup model. I expect this is due to the import units you had selected when you imported it. You need to get that size right to start with.

I don’t know if this is the right scale but I scaled the SU model down and then imported it to LO and set the scale to 1:200.
Sally Plan.layout (771.2 KB)


ha ha, well that would do it! It is the first time I’ve ever imported a DWG plan, architects plans, I didn’t think to check the scale, I just assumed it would be accurate. I’ll take a look at your plan and get back to you. :joy:


I hope the house isn’t 23 Km long? On the other hand, I’d work up an appetite for breakfast just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen. :smiley:


yeah, imagine having to run upstairs!! :scream:

All sorted now, thank you so much for your help.


That would be a challenge! And imagine having to clean the toilets!

Where’s the beanstalk? :smiley:


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