Problems with export scaling

I have imported this file from another designer that he drew with chief. After i made some changes to it i have to export it as a DWG in a cad version older than 2013 so i can import it into Spectra Precision Layout Pro Office software which creates points for our “Total Station” which is basically a fancy electronic transit. My problem is when i export out of SU and then import into the Spectra software it changes the scale. I also imported it into another cad program after exporting from SU and that also revealed a scewed scale. So i think my problem is when i export from SU. Here is the file.hupf 4.dwg (387.4 KB)


What are you requesting help with? Are you looking to have someone import your dwg file into SU and do something else with the result? If so, what exactly? Please frame your request so that we understand how to be of help to you.

I apologize. I am wondering what is causing the scaling issues and more importantly how to correct them.

It may be helpful to also see the skp file you exported the dwg file from. At least then, there would be something to compare the results with and maybe someone can see what’s going on from that.

ok here is the sketchup file that i edited and the originalSU File After Changes.skp (767.4 KB)Original File That I Imported.dwg (760.8 KB)

When you import a DWG into SketchUp it uses the units you specify in the Import Options (Options button on the Import File dialog box) to scale the imported geometry - the defaul is Feet, whatever the current model unit.
When you export to DWG SketchUp uses the units that you are currently using (Window>ModelInfo>Units) to scale and format the output.

So (without opening the files you posted) what has happened is either that you inadvertently scaled the DWG when first importing it into SketchUp, or that the person who you exported it for is importing it using a wrong import unit. Some software applications can read the appropriate unit settings from the DWG file but others like SketchUp have to be specifically told, and yet others have the expected unit hardwired.


did you export using the perspective view hat the file opens in?


yes i believe i did.

to export with correct scale, it has to be parallel projection.

ok thank you for the help