Dimension non-corelation (SU to LO)

Hi All,
(SU & LO 2015 on W7pro)
I have design a house (metric) to exact sizes. Once imported into LO these dimension seem too rise by a factor of approx. 0.1% - This is to say, in SU a room @ 2310mm dimensions @2315mm in LO.

I have checked all the usuals - dim scale, etc. But no luck.

Any ideas???

To what do you have Precision set in Sketchup? And in LayOut?

1mm is the setting for both.

Could you share the LO file?

Do you use a standard view direction or is your view rotated (slightly)?

@DaveR; Yes, I can. In my frustration, I double checked the SU file for accuracy (all OK), then I changed the view scale from 1:100 (desired scale) to some other scale at random, then back to 1:100. This corrected the issue, but only on that view-port. Other had the same issue and were corrected in this way. I also changed the view-port from Hybrid to Vector and back again. This seemed to make no difference.

@Cotty; I used a combination of std views and redefined views (scenes) from SU. The model axes are square to screen.

@ALL; Thanks for the help, but I seem to have this licked; albeit as a work-around. I make absolutely sure the model is true to the dimensions I want so that when exporting to LO it should work without fudging the dims. I have also found that importing dwgs (accurate in AutoCAD) produce the same sort of error when they appear in SU.

There was a case a few months back in which someone had a similar problem and changing scales seemed to be the fix. I don’t know what causes it but it seems to be very rare.

One thing to make sure of is that your scenes don’t show as modified in LayOut’s SketchUp inspector window.

Yes, keeping the SU & LO files synced is a must. Be nice to have a little routine that does it for you like save every xxx mins.

Thanks for your help guys; just have to keep an eye on this one. :wink:

Yes. I would like to have a lock (other than locking the layer) to prevent opening and unlinking the viewports.

Good luck with this going forward.

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