Technical Issue with Layout Dimension

Is anyone else having issues with Layout not dimensioning correctly? When I measure the door in Sketchup it is 10’ tall. But in Layout it says the door is 9’-6 1/2".

Everything is set up correctly. I am in Parallel Projection in Sketchup. Scenes have been updated.

I have no idea why there is a glitch?

Let’s see your LayOut file. I haven’t seen this issue at all before. I expect there’s an easy explanation for it though.

Okay! How can I show you the Layout File?

Drag it and drop it into a reply here or if it’s too large to upload directly, upload to Drop Box and share the link.

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Hmmm… I opened the embedded .skp file to check it and changed the style so the edges showed. Then saved the change and updated the LO file. The dimension updated on its own.

FWIW and because I always check, I fixed the incorrect tag usage in the SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 2_18_2022 , 6_22_49 PM

And I purged unused stuff from the file which reduced the file size by almost 78%.
Screenshot - 2_18_2022 , 6_23_52 PM

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The camera in Layout isn’t set to a Standard View, but (None).

When you set it to Back (the view in SU in Scene 13) the dimensions come out correctly.

As usual, @DaveR types faster than I can write and like General Patton, “gets there fastest with the mostest”.

If I view the model in Monochrome in SU, I see several reversed faces (blue grey).

Both images are Back views. The left hand image has mixed front/back faces, and the right hand one is probably ok to have all blue faces.

There’s no need to do that because the scene is already set to Back. Best to not do anything in LayOut that results in the Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel.


I don’t understand then …

But I’m only slowly learning Layout myself.

Thanks though, you are always knowledgeable about Layout and I learn a lot just from reading your replies about it, as well as SU itself.

I just tried both solutions and that makes sense, I changed it to Back in Sketchup and that worked better.