How can I trust Layout's dimensions?

As I’m inserting dimenstions I’m starting to lose faith in the results. There is probably some process or setting I am missing, but I’m getting dimensions that are clearly not accurate.

After the first few times, I started zooming in real close to ensure I’m starting/ending at the exact points I want to. STILL, I get results that are off from the actual dimension.

I’ve attached the Layout file. Here are a couple of examples of what I’m seeing:

  • In SU:

    • The width of the drawer fronts is 29 1/2".
    • The height from the floor to the bottom shelf of the narrow shelf “tower” is 8"
    • The height of the bottom shelf in the wide shelf “tower” is 50 3/4".
  • In Layout:
    a) The height of the bottom shelf shows as 53 3/16.
    b) The height from the floor to the bottom shelf of the narrow “tower” is 17 7/8". This is the really curious one since it’s such a big difference from SU’s dimension
    c) The first for the width of the drawer fronts dimension comes out right (29 1/2")
    d) Doing it again It gives the incorrect width of 33 15/16.

As I said, I’m sure I just don’t know how to do this correctly, but until I do I can’t trust the dimensions Layout is giving me.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

NakicevicCloset.layout (1.1 MB)

That 33-15/16" dimension is the diagonal dimension of the case. It looks to me as if this is due to the incorrect set up of the scene. Although you have it set up to Parallel Projection you didn’t set the correct Standard view.

After I edited the SketchUp file to correct the scene to include the Standard Right view, fixed the other scenes as needed, saved the changes and Reset the camera in LO, the dimension straightened itself out. I didn’t even have to touch the dimension.

This comes down to what I told you yesterday about setting up the scenes correctly in SketchUp and not modifying Camera properties in LayOut. You can trust the dimensions. You first have to set things up correctly so you are dimensioning what you want to dimension.

By the way, you might edit the dimensions so the text and arrowheads are smaller so the small ones will fit better. I don’t normally put dimensions inside the parts like this although maybe for this model it makes it more clear.

Do you want the light blue background in the viewport? That’s just more colored ink if you print this out.

@Zvonko …can’t add anything to @DaveR . But thought I would encourage you to do one of two things. Take some classes on Sketchup setup specifically for Layout drawing packages. Or get a book by Matt Donley called Sketchup to Layout 2nd Edition. You will not be sorry for the investment in either choice. Maybe Dave R would even do some sessions with you.

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@DaveR has been a huge help with the SU/Layout learning curve. I’ve also gone through Trimble’s Intro to Layout and tutorials on other sites. It just takes a while for things to get through my thick head.

Totally understand that thick head thing. So much I don’t know and if I do know it, I tend to be very slow to implement it in a workflow to make my life better. To fixated on doing work for money now instead of building a better workflow to be more profitable overall for years to come.

Ah, I struggled to try to get the scene to show the model correctly. Never crossed my mind to just use the built-in views. D’oh.

Good Tip.

No, I don’t. I used the color wheel when changing the background color instead of RGB and didn’t realize that I hadn’t changed it all the way to white color. Couldn’t tell on my screen that it was actually still a bit blue.

Thanks again for all your help!

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Fortunately, I’m retired so I can take my time. Before that, I was in same situation: Too many things to do and not enough time.