Layout Dimension don't match sketchup dimensions HELP!

My dimension measurements in layout are way off from my measurements in sketchup. A line in my sketchup model measures 124’ but only 3" in layout? Ive watched about 50 videos and I can’t get to the root of the problem.

Check scale of dimension in Dimension Tray.

Share your LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

My file is over 16mb even zipped so it won’t let me upload but here is a screen shot. you will see the red line on the right ready 55-89’ when its 124’ in my sketchup model.

Upload to DropBox and share the link.

The screenshot doesn’t help much.

I never use drop box so not sure if the permissions are correct. just in case here is a drop box and a google drive link.


Google Drive

The Drop Box link worked fine.

When I opened your file the dimension was shown as 124’. I didn’t even have a chance to do anything but open the file.

I see a couple of problems with your SketchUp file that could contribute to problems with weird dimensions.

You have chosen not to save Camera Location as a scene property. This is not a good practice when you need to be counting on the camera location in your viewports.

The Camera was not set to Parallel Projection and you did not have the standard top view selected.

In LayOut you could make your work easier if you use different layers for the entities you are drawing in LayOut and for the dimensions.

Also in your Sketchup model I see incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 2_28_2022 , 10_03_51 PM

And it’s a good idea to purge unused stuff from your models once in awhile. This resulted in a 58% reduction in the .skp file.
Screenshot - 2_28_2022 , 10_04_12 PM

I also purged unused stuff from the LayOut after updating the reference for a total file size reduction of a bit more than 59%.

So before you do any more in LayOut I would suggest straightening out the scenes in the SketchUp file making sure that you are saving Camera Location. Set Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view for each scene. It appears that’s probably supposed to be the Top view in these scenes. I would suggest also saving all the other properties for the scenes.

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