Problem with dimensions

Unfortunately I have a problem. While I was editing an object, the
dimensions suddenly changed and more cm were displayed for each measurement
than before.
I would be grateful if you could help me to restore the old measurements.
I thank you in advance

Share the file with us so we can help.

But I have allready shared it

You need to upload your model to the forum so we can see it (click the upload button here in the forum, as you reply, and choose your .skp file).


its this the same issue as you had 6 (oh god, 10) month ago ?

Yes, but where is the problem? Can you help me?

Nobody can tell you until you show us something.

So it’s the same file from almost a year ago? And you expected us to go hunting for it?

As the others have written, share the file here in this thread if you want help fixing it.

I’m confused. You seem to have the same problem that you’ve already had solved, and you thanked them for solving it.

no you haven’t.

you haven’t shared a file 10 month ago, nor this time.

just a question, passing by, when you type a value, do you press enter to validate, or do you click ?