Different measurements all of a sudden (!)

I was making floor plans in 2D and by the side the floor plan in 3D, suddenly when I go back to drawing on the 2D plan it has different measures.

Like a closet or kitchen cabinet is now 531mm instead of 600mm. Stuff that were in groups still had the right measures though. (Like beds and sofas and stuff.)

Do you guys have any idea of what can have happened and if there is a way for me to change it?


How about sharing the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 Make?

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Ok, I wasn’t sure if you could do that. Yes, it’s 2017. I will upload it now, If I can figure out how to do it… :slight_smile:

How do I upload a .skp file?

You could use the Upload button at the top of the message window. It’s the one with the up pointing arrow. Or you could drag it and drop it into your reply. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

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If it is smaller than about 16M drag and drop into your next post, or click on the upload icon in a computer browser.

Not sure how to do it in the mobile SU Forum app - maybe the 7th icon that has squares in a 3x3 grid?

Now I uploaded it. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at it. Make a screen shot showing exactly what has changed dimensions.

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The red arrows are examples of wrong measures and the green arrows are examples of right measures (groups).

(Maybe I forgot to mention that there are stuff outside the 2D drawings also, like a couple of houses in 3D.)

I found that stuff.

Looks to me as if you might have inadvertently resized the model. All the loose geometry I’ve measured seems to have very imprecise dimensions. Did you resize something with the Tape Measure tool?

You’ve been using SketchUp long enough I’m kind of puzzled about why your model is the way it is with all the loose geometry in it along with the huge amount of unused stuff you’ve left in the file.
Screenshot - 11_18_2020 , 12_06_23 PM

Purging unused reduced the file size by around 98% down to less than 600 Kb.

Not that I know of. But I guess I must have changed the size of the whole floor plan by mistake somehow. Can I fix this and if so how? I tried to use the Scale tool but didn’t seam to be able to.

(I don’t know what purging is.)

You might try using the Measuring Tape tool. Measure between two points at a known distance making sure you click on both points. Type in the distance it should be and hit Enter. You’ll be asked if you wish to resize the model. Choose Yes.

That seems evident. You should go to Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused.

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I don’t know exactly how you mean, can’t make it work, have never done that. Is there a YouTube video or something showing how it’s done?

(I should make everything in the whole drawing/file a group first I guess?)

This is one of the basics in SketchUp. I just picked a distance.

I don’t know. If I was expected to use your SketchUp file for anything useful, I would start over and model it correctly.

I found this…

Trying to making it work…

I can’t see those arrows with numbers on my file when I use the tape tool, is it because I have an old SketchUp (2017)?

Those are just dimensions that were put in with the Dimension tool. The Dimension tool exists in SketchUp 2017.

You don’t have to put in the dimensions with the Dimension tool to make it work.

Is that needed when doing this? I can’t find that one.