Dimensions when using line tool are inaccurate

When I’m putting dimensions in while using the line tool the line is extending way beyond the point of reference on my file. My measurement settings are accurate and set to feet and inches.
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Show us an example of what you are seeing. Or better, share the .skp file.

Hi Dave,
The file is from a course I’m taking and I’m not sure I can share the file. I’m very new to Sketchup and the community so forgive my ignorance. I’ll attach a short video. I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the upload.

It’s hard to say from your video but my guess is that the image you are drawing over is not the right size. If you don’t feel like you can share that .skp file publicly, send it to me in a private message. I won’t shre it with anyone else. Seeing the file will make it simple enough to get you sorted out so you can proceed with your lesson.

Ok, so the person teaching the course actually responded to me. I didn’t think she would until after the long weekend. I really appreciate your help! Thank you and have a great weekend.

And what did she tell you?

She had me send the.skp file that I was working on to her and a video. Hasn’t responded yet but I’ll let you know what she says.

My guess is she will adjust the size of the imoprted image so it’s got real world dimensions.

Yeah, the image was somehow resized so she showed to how to get it back to the original size.

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Also make sure you have length snapping deactivated, on Window/model information/units

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Thank you! I got the issue resolved. It’s there a way to close out my request now that it’s fixed?

Mark your previous post as “Solution” and/or change the title to included some word like [Solved] in brackets.

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