Measurements, Line Length, Modifications to lines

I am new to Sketchup. I have the Sketchup Pro 30 day evaluation on a Win10 Machine. The first thing I have a problem with is length of lines. Example if I want a 16’ line, it is not recorded as such. I draw a line, enter the length as 16’10" hit enter, then click left button. It may or may not extend to a line that is depicted as 16’10". Then I make another line as 8’ and it looks nothing like half the length of the other line. If I use the measure tape eat sometimes indicates I got what I want and sometimes not. WTF! If I try to alter the size, I cannot do it. I started with the trial of this program yesterday and I have been stuck on this all day.;;.grrr!

Share your SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you’ve drawn and how you have things set up. There’s surely a flaw in your steps.

14H-b.skp (132.7 KB)
I have worked on the attached file so it is much better than originally complained about. But, it is still wrong. The 22.x’ plus the12’5 should equal the 35.x’ on the west side. The 28.25’ should equal the 16’+9.3’ +3’ on the east side. In my world these numbers are wrong. Same issue on north and south.
I have tried to get this accurate to no avail. When I draw a line it is the same issue only worse. Thanks, for offering to look at this.

The template you’ve chosen to use has fairly coarse display precision and Length Snapping enabled. It also looks like for many of your lines you’ve just dragged them out and tried to get them close to the desired dimensions.

Notice the change in the dimensions when display precisionis increased.

If dimensional accuracy is required, best practice is to enter dimensions and not try to drag out edges to get them close. Turn off Length Snapping and increase Display Precision so you can see when dimensions are slightly off. They shouldn’t be off if you are entering the lengths but the higher display precision makes it possible to see if you create an erroneous length. Make the adjustments in Window>Model Info>Units.

When you are drawing an edge with the Line tool click and release for the starting point, move the cursor in the desired direction, let go of the mouse and type the desired dimension. Then press Enter. You can proceed to draw the next edge after that.

You would probably find it useful to spend some time going through the instructional materials at and also the Square One videos on the SktetchUp YouTube channel.

Great. I will look at this tomorrow morning. We are out now. Do I write back to you or on the forum?

Thanks, Peter

Either way. Replying in this thread would be best.