Question about Dimension inputting

I’m using Sketchup Version 17 and have just noticed that a model I am building has incorrect dimensions from what I’ve input. After some troubleshooting it seems that when trying to create a line that is 7’-8" long, Sketchup is taking the -8" portion of that dimension and subtracting it from the 7’ resulting in a 6’-4" long line. Is there anyway to turn this subtracting off. I’ve since realized I need to type 7’8" for the length on line that I want but that’s an odd work around.

7’8" will work. Don’t us the minus symbol

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With drafting in AutoCAD it’s a habit to write out the full 7’-8", is this an option in Sketchup?

by using the format you are using you are asking the program to do the math of drawing a line 7’ minus 8"
I know of no settings to change that.

Ok thanks, just seems odd that a program would be written to calculate a properly formatted dimension instead of input the exact length.

You can also just input 7’8
or… 92
but most importantly the input has to be something Sketchup recognizes rather than something autocad prefers

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