My measuements are off!

I recently purchased and installed SketchUp Pro 2017 on my laptop. Before that, I had a license for the student version. Now that I started to make a model, I see that the measurements are wrong. I double checked that my template is set to feet/inches. However, when I draw a line that is supposed to be 2’-8", the line was only 1’-4" long. In another case, the line was not exactly half the distance I typed. Instead of 13’-4", it drew a line 12’-8". How do I fix this?

I’ve never seen that in SketchUp. Could you share a file that shows this problem?

Isn’t it interesting how 13 feet minus 4" is equal to 12’-8" ?

Basically you are typing the dimensions into the VCB incorrectly.
Do not enter the dash as the VCB sees this as subtract 4 inches.
Instead just enter 13'4" (with or without a space between the feet and the inches) then hit ENTER.

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Good catch.

Yes, GOOD CATCH, Dan! I actually figured out that I was doing just that–typing in the measurement incorrectly by adding the dash between feet and inches. The reason I did so was because I had just spent the past three weeks working on floor plans/sections for a 5-story building (I am in my final Arch/ID Master’s class at UCLA). I switched to SketchUp to do the interior elevations, and my brain was still in AutoCAD mode. One must type a dash between inches/feet (13’-4" vs. 13’4").

I was going completely bonkers for a good hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my SketchUP program, since I had recently purchased and downloaded the new version. I was thinking there may have been a glitch during the download. Oh, how I wish AutoCAD were as user-friendly as SketchUP! It is murder working long architectural projects on that program. Nothing is common sense.

Thank you for your quick response, and a thank you to Dave as well for offering help. I am really glad I signed up in this SketchUp Community. People just paying it forward, yes?

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