Dimension & tape measure

I used tape measure for a guideline to draw floor plan. But when I used dimension to measure the wall, it didn’t show the same measurement.
For Example, I drew 11’-2" wall, but when I clicked that wall using dimension tool, it gave me 10’-5".
What should I do to correct this? I’m very new to sketch up.
I need help, thanks

First, share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. Most likely you are measuring different things.

(Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free so I moved your thread to the correct category.)

I hope I uploaded it correctly.
The wrong dimensions are both vertical walls in the living room and kitchen.
Kitchen wall on the right should be 11’-2", and living rm wall on the left should be 13’-2".

Apartment.skp (354.8 KB)

The Tape Measure tool shows the same dimensions as your dimensions do.

You need to make a change to the model to get the dimensions to be 13’-2" and 11’-2".

I moved the geometry shown selected to make the left side 13’-2" but that isn’t enough for the kitchen side so something else has to be modified. Either the wall between kitchen and bath has to move or there has to be some other change at the wall at the top. Or maybe the interior wall at the bottom left needs to move, too.

Maybe like this.

Digging around in your model I found incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be untagged. Only objects (groups and components) should get other tags.

Screenshot - 11_19_2020 , 10_37_44 AM

I don’t know why I didn’t get the same readings. I’ve just tried again, but still didn’t work on my end. I just used it for 2-3 days, don’t know much about it.
Thank so much for your help

I would expect you aren’t clicking on the same points with the Tape Measure tool as with the Dimension tool.

Are you really using the free web version as your profile says?

Just idle speculation: I notice that two of the walls are drawn much thicker than the others. Is that by intent? Depending on where in the wall you measured when drawing, that could affect the dimensions.

yes, thank you

yes, I’m using the free version. Is that any different?

I checked the point that I picked, though.I made sure it’s at the right intersection.
I’m used to Autocad. I need to spend more time to learn sketchup.

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