Tape measure, where did my dimensions go?

I cannot enter a dimension in my tape tool and have it snap . The tape measure has the …+ showing. I have done the things I read about but that is still showing next to the tool. My guide is selected. I was modeling, and I noticed that all my dimensions suddenly disappeared. The lines were there but no numbers. I must have inadvertently selected something. I also noticed that the plane lines were brighter. HELP. I was 5 minutes from being finished. Now 2 days later.

Are you mistaking the Tape Measure tool for the Dimension tool? The Tape Measure tool will not leave dimensions displayed in the model space.

This is done with the Dimension Tool, not the Tape Measure tool.

I have been using the tape measure, I put in 3’ , it would make a dotted line at 3’, Now it does not let me enter any numbers . Still makes a dotted line but not where I want it as before

Exactly what steps are you using?

I was drawing my floor plan, using the tape measure to get the dimensions in place, was almost finished, and then noticed that ( the dimensions numbers were gone) and the tape measure would not let me enter a number to redraw it.

Can you share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve got?

I New Dauphine floor plan.skp (116.9 KB)

This is what I get when I put in guidelines.

yes send me a go to meeting, that is not working for me

Can you type in any numbers at all, meaning with other tools? Is your Num pad currently disabled?

I sent the link via a PM.


And… in the end what was the solution to your problem?

Hit Ctrl