Measurement tool not measuring...why?

I am trying to measure something in my floor plan and my measuring tool stopped measuring…it won’t show any guidelines…they just disappear. help!

Did you mean to post this under Dynamic Components? If your guidelines are disappearing while using the tape measure tool then perhaps you have modified the style, try View>Guides, make sure that guides has a check next to it.

I didn’t know what to put it under…I will try that right now and see if it works…stand by! haha

That worked!! thanks!


is there anyway to get immediate answers on here…most of the time I’m doing homework at night and need an answer quick…I mean, you answered fast but sometimes I need someone to ask in the moment…

can I ask you a Layout question?

This forum is all volunteer run, although Sketchup staff does monitor the boards and pipe up once in a while, most of your answers are coming from other enthusiastic generous users like me. So the speed of getting your solution really depends on whoever happens to be online and paying attention.

It’s best practice to mark a thread with the solution check mark to close it out once the question is answered, then start a new post with a new question. This makes it more likely for others to see your new question and makes your original question and answer useful for others who might be searching for the same problem in the future. I’ll watch for your layout question and be online.


It’s all a bit confusing, your profile says Sketchup for schools but the answer you were given would need to have been different and layout isn’t part of that.
Could you fill in your profile correctly so those of us that you wish to answer instantly have a chance of understanding your specific setup.

I’m a student…should I be under SketchUp Pro?

You need to be using SketchUp Pro to be using LayOut.