Dimensions box now showing coordinates

I would appreciate if anyone could explain for me what i might have done to cause this problem.
When I use the tape tool to measure any distances, for example across doorways, the dimension box has recently started to displaying coordinates showing 2 measurements separated by a comma, the 2nd figure is the correct measurement.
I have checked on the camera menu and standard top view is selected and with parallel projection view.

Can you show us what you are seeing? Make a screen shot and post it.

This is what I see when measuring between corners.

I only get coordinates if I’m hovering over an end or midpoint and that’s what is supposed to happen.
Screenshot - 8_22_2020 , 9_48_47 AM

You’re getting what you should when you hover over a point.

Oh ok, but i thought the dimension box in bottom right hand corner used to she the width of the opening only ?

When i double click on the end point the dimension box just shows 1 mm

It will if you single click on one point and move the cursor to the other point.

Don’t double click.

Dave, I am very grateful for your help but could I have messed something up in with the dimension settings in model info ? I cant show the tape measure because print screen doesn’t capture it, but the tape on my screen does not show a dimension only shows length followed by tilde symbol and 1mm .

I don’t think you could have changed anything in Model Info to affect this. Upload the .skp file so I can see what you have.

Bargates Resi1floor plans.skp (1.4 MB)

Ah… The penny drops. The dimension you are seeing isn’t surprising when you measure other distances in the model. You’ve imported the original CAD file with units set incorrectly.

I suspect you had the import units set to millimeters while the CAD file’s units are actually meters. You could rescale this thing but since it appears you’ve done nothing but import it, I would suggested starting over with a new import. When you get ready to import the file, click on Options in the Import window and choose the correct units. I would also deselect Preserve drawing origin.

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Your help is so much appreciated, thanks very much for helping, amazing.

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