When dimension entered the distance appears on screen it disappears

This may have something to do with settings in styles styles but cannot find why the values (measurement in metres disappears) when I click to indicate where I want it to be

Are you referring to using the Dimension tool or the Tape Measure tool or something else? Could you at least post a screen shot that shows what you are attempting to do? The SKP file would be even better.

After typing you should hit [Enter] instead of moving the pointer/cursor to a specific desired location on screen. Else the input will be overruled again as you noticed.
The desired direction needs to be chosen in advance! with your mouse.

Am using the Dimension Tool.
You can see on the uploaded file that the

However if I rotate the model the dimensions appear.
Hope that explains it clearly. I am having difficulty making the file samll enough to upload

Check under Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Turn off Hardware Acceleration and see if that has any effect on the dimension text appearance.

Something fishy on the graphics as you described.
I have not seen dash/dotted line that thick for awhile.

*Could be wrong though :smiley:

Another possible explanation is font/text size set for the dimension compared to model scale?