Dimension value missing


When adding dimensions to some objects, the dimension lines show up, but the value is missing. it shows up when i change the position from where im veiwing it. But the new position might not be the scene view i want to show.
i have tried realigning the axis to the object (if it was on a weird angle or something) but that does not help
Any ideas?


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. Check out a previous response from a different thread above. If that does not work let me know.

My other suggestion would be to close and re-open SketchUp and your file. Is your wall flat? Sometimes the dimension can be “eaten” by the wall (see below screen shot example) if moved after dimensioning or even if dimensioned incorrectly. Perhaps also you could attach your SketchUp file so we can take a look?



How did you create those dimensions, I wasn’t able to reproduce the disappearing. Does a change to “Align to dimension” instead of “Align to screen” affect this behaviour?


I’ve seen this happen when playing around with the field of view setting (whilst ZoomTool is active.)

Seems like Zfighting with respect to the camera plane.


Cotty! Thank you! that was the problem, ive never run into it before! Thank you so much :smile: :smile:


thanks for the suggestion Dan


Thank you everybody for your replies and suggestions - it was the dimension aligned to the screen that was the problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: