Values missing from dimensions

On some views, the values go missing from the dimension. If I zoom out or adjust my view so the value isn’t against a surface, it will appear. I just installed the latest version and it’s still happening.

Any advice or suggestion would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Look at Model Info>Dimensions>Expert dimension settings. Do you have Hide when too small checked?

If that’s not it share the .skp file so we can take a look.

Dave, I was just looking at that and no, it’s not checked. Thanks.

So as I asked, share the file so we can take a look and help you sort it out.

Here’s the file, thanks.
AVNStairs2024 v5 POST.skp (3.5 MB)

Some of your dimensions disappear because they are inside the model.

Another problem is that you’ve got the model strung out over a huge space and that creates graphics issues.

With the model moved closer to the origin this doesn’t happen.

Are you intending to create shop drawings for these? I guess I’d save the dimensining for LayOut if I were doing.

Thanks for taking a look Dave. I’ll take that under advisement for sure. I generally clean up my drawings before dimming them for shop/CNC (I have never really used LayOut, though this is probably a good kick in the butt to use the right tool for the job). Thanks again.

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Hopefully it helped.

At the very least don’t string your models out across the countryside.

I cleaned it up, tightened up just the pieces I’m working on and it’s still doing it. I’m not sure what you meant by the dims being “inside the model”. They seem to be on the face and if I adjust my view, I can get them to appear.

I don’t think you tightened the whole model up enough. This is what I see after moving this thing closer to the origin. To save time, instead of moving everything closer I deleted the rest of the model that was a long way from the origin.


Align to dimension

I did delete everything I wasn’t using but still ended up with that issue. I tried what mihai.s recommended and that seems to have addressed the issue. Thanks again for everything.

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