Disappearing dwgs; dimensions/notes distorted in Layout

Don’t even know what to call this issue; first time seeing this in 5-6 yrs using SU. File too large to upload but can share it in Dropbox if I can get a person’s name to “share” it with.

Was exporting a 14 page layout file to .pdf when something went nuts. The drawings I’d inserted from SU on some of the pages disappeared and the dimensions that were on those drawings were suddenly aligned along the the very top and left sides of the page; notation lines were pulled into the upper left corner of the page. See it in this screenshot:

; This happened on 2 pages. On other pages perspectives disappeared altogether. I uninstalled and reinstalled SU Pro 2018 but problem remained. Worked with Geek Squad to try to fix but they said it was problem with the SU program. Have to present this to a client this week so am panicking. Any help greatly appreciated.

Looks like a common thing when scenes are modified in LayOut and/or when using Last saved SketchUp view for the scene.

Uninstalling and reinstalling SketchUp won’t help this issue.

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Hi Dave, Is this all you’ll need to view the file?

That’s just a link to DropBox. You have to provide the link to your file.

I think I got it this time:

I’ve got the file. Give me a few minutes.

Thank you. Of course.

I’m not having a great deal of success retrieving the missing SKP file(s) directly in LayOut. I was able to access the SKP file for Concept 1 which I think is supposed to be the file for some of these missing viewports. It heavily bloated and could stand to be purged of unused stuff.

How did you go about getting this SketchUp file into LayOut and then make additional viewports? Were you copying and pasting from SketchUp to LayOut?

I usually insert from SU to layout but sometimes, in layout, I’ll copy a viewport, paste it and then select the correct scene

I know how to purge unused stuff in SU but not in Layout

You should only Send to LayOut for the first SKP file to go into the LO project. Then copy viewports and change the scenes. Do not copy and paste from SketchUp to LayOut however.

The purge I was referring to was in one of the SKP files. I suspect the other ones are equally bloated. You can purge unused content from LO projects in File>Document Setup. Click the Purge button at the bottom.

Okay, so if I go into all the SKP files I used to create this presentation and purge, it should help, as well as purging as you describe in Layout. I’ll do that and hopefully it’ll fix this issue.

Thank you so much!

Well, it’ll help with the file bloat. It may not bring back the viewports, though. It depends on how they were brought into LO in the first place. I’m trying to restore them but no luck, yet.

You might try relinking the SKP files to the original ones and see if that helps.

Great idea. I’ll try that. Thanks!

The odd thing is when a “missing” viewport is selected there’s no scene indicated in the SketchUp Model panel.

If relinking doesn’t help, I’m afraid the most expedient thing will be to start a new document. Go through all the SKP files you’re using for the project and purge them first. Then open a new project in LO and insert each of the file using File>Insert. Do the same with the JPG and PNG references, too. You can copy text and labels that aren’t damaged.

Agree, that’ll be the fastest way. Plus learning better practices. Relinking didn’t help so I’ll go the route you suggest.

Really appreciate your have a go at this. :grinning:

Sorry I didn’t have better luck.

Good luck to you with it.

Make sure you save periodically and it wouldn’t hurt to use Save as… once in awhile and create a new document so you have some incremental saves in case things go pear-shaped again.

I’ll do that!

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