Hidden dimensions in Sketchup are visible in Layout

I draw to dimensions in Sketchup and dimension them in Sketchup. I hide these dimensions in the model and scene views imported to Layout, but they show up in Layout. I made dimensions a component and hid them, but they still show up.

I do not want to make two Sketchup model files - one with dimensions and one without. But is this the only workaround?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see how you’ve set up the model?

TEST 031221 copy.skp (631.0 KB)
This is my test file, so no big deal if I have to reset preferences or what have you. Seasoned Sketchup user, new to Layout. Thank you.

I’m confused…in the test file you shared, the dimensions are neither hidden nor assigned a non-visible tag. Why would you expect them not to show up in Layout?

They were hidden. I hid them again in this file. At any rate, what is a typical workpath to ensure Sketchup dimensions can be hidden in Layout so that clean dimensions can be established in Layout for print? Thank you.

TEST 031221 copy.skp (619 KB)

The easy solution would be to give the dimensions a tag and turn that tag off.

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After rehiding for some reason it now works. Dunno. Is this usually what people do? Just hide the dimensions in SketchUp? Thanks.

TEST LAYOUT_031421.layout (752 KB)

I generally avoid using hidden in SketchUp except for temporary control to get something out of the way of my view to something I want to edit. Then I unhide immediately afterward. For more lasting management, I apply a tag and turn it off, as @DaveR suggested.

Hide is pretty primitive in SketchUp. The only unhide options are Selected, Last, and All. Selected is a bit confusing because you can’t select hidden things unless View->Hidden Geometry is turned on. There is no memory of multi-step hides, so Last is one-shot. And All is misleading because it really means “all in the current edit context”. It won’t unhide things inside groups or components that aren’t open for edit.

Got it, thanks! I use SketchUp heavily in professional estimating where I don’t need to hide anything. First time using it to design and export for 2D print. Thanks again!

Out of interest, for a drawing of the type shown, why are you not using Layout for dimensioning? It’s made for it.

I mean I typically draw to scale in SketchUp. Typically I am importing architectural engineering and architect plans and elevations, scaling them and drawing 3D models for takeoffs. Obtaining 3D renderings for constructability is what I am after, verifying dimensions with the dimension tool. Usually I export the entity info for estimating purposes. I just started to use LayOut because I have a different need and workflow. I understand that for print it is better to dimension in LayOut. Do you mean you draw in LayOut to scale then export the 2D drawing to SketchUp for 3D extrusion?