Dimensions displaying in Layout that don't show in SketchUp

Hi, we found that there are dimensions showing in a view in Layout that we don’t see in the model when we are in SketchUp.
Is there some way to turn these off in Layout, or how can we find them in SketchUp to delete them.

They are maybe artifacts from something from the warehouse…


Probably best to provide a link to the model That way there will be no guessing as to what is happening.

Hi, new to the Community here, so when you say a link to the model, how is that done typically?

If the LayOut file isn’t too large, you can simply upload it into your reply (drag and drop). If it is large, upload it to Drop Box and share the link to the file.

It’s pretty large yeah, my students are re-designing our school library, so there are a lot of warehouse items.
Here is the SketchUp file https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PJb9XSjRoWbONLI7b0hIFELPrltOgKq/view?usp=sharing

Here is the Layout file where we see the weird Dimensions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1adMcT5XfIVSugrpdCb8pZf7Uhwcts99Q/view?usp=sharing

I updated the scene in SketchUp (right click on the scene tab and choose Update), saved the changes and updated the reference in LayOut. The dimensions disappeared. Does that not work for you?

It wouldn’t hurt to teach your students to purge unused stuff from their SketchUp files. I purged the unused stuff from this one and got rid of a lot of stuff that was bloating the file.
Screenshot - 3_13_2020 , 8_29_38 AM

It’s still large but that cut the file size by almost 54%. Purging unused stuff from the LO file after purging the SketchUp file resulted in a similar decrease in file size.

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Hi Dave, thanks so much.
I had the student do what you suggested and that fixed his problem.
Also great advice about Purging their files, I had sort of forgotten about that. Typically I have classes build new designs in SketchUp, but with this Interior Design assignment, we are using a ton of items from the warehouse.
I am guessing when they download items and then delete them it’s leaving info behind that is making the files large?
I will definitely teach them how to Purge when we get back from March Break.
My student said to say ‘‘Thanks’’ as well.
Take care,

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They are deleting instance references, but the component definition(s) still remain within the “In Model” components collection. Purging ununsed removes these unused definitions. (It is the definitions that own the geometric entities collection, not the instances. Instances are only references.)

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