Dimensions displaying oddly

Layout is displaying dimensions from Sketchup unusually large. As you can see when I double click inside the sketchup drawing in LayOut, they appear normal (left) but when I leave this mode, they appear much larger (right). I have set my display and output performance both to ‘high’ and cannot locate any other setting to make the dimensions in Layout match the font size and clarity of SketchUp. Anyone point me in the right direction to correct this? Thank you.

How about sharing the LO file so we can have a look see?

Sorry, Dave–- how do I share the file? I tried to upload it (twice) and that didn’t appear to work. Thank you.

If the file is less than 3 Mb, click on the Upload button and attach the file. Otherwise, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

7mb. Here is the dropbox link: Dropbox - joaquinstep copy.layout - Simplify your life

I chose the same font and size in LO as was used for the dimension text in the SketchUp model and they look pretty darn close to me.

I set the viewport to render as Hybrid, though. You had it set to Raster.

You’ve got other issues as well. In your model most faces are inside out, you need to create scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LayOut. It isn’t a good idea to use Last Save SketchUp view for the viewport scene since any change you make to the camera position in SU will get transmitted to the viewport and change the view. And you need to avoid modifying the scene in LO. The scene should remain unmodified so that it maintains the link to the scene.

Dave, thank you. I appreciate the time you took to help me with this and all the detail. I’ll be completely frank, I don’t understand most of what you said, but will try to poke through other forums and help pages to learn all this terminology that is very new to me. If you happen to have links that address any of the problems with my file you referenced, much appreciated and if not, no worries I appreciate your help anyway! Thanks.

Switched from raster to hybrid, thank you. As for the dims being the same in SU and LO, I do not doubt you. However in the display in LO, they appear much larger than I’d like–– when I have no rectangle/viewports selected. When I double-click inside any viewport, the dims change to appear the correct size and as they are in SU. This is the issue I am most concerned about— I can’t send this LO file to a client with those giant dims that overlap. If you have any advice on how to correct this, much appreciated. Apologies if you already spoke to that and I just don’t (yet) understand your technical advice. Thank you.

If you want I’d be happy to give you a little demo to help you make sense of all that.

Maybe you could reduce the size of the dimension text in SketchUp to get to a size you’d prefer.

Better would be to do the dimensions in LayOut. I was busy reworking your model and your LayOut file. Would something like this work better?

Wow, that’s awesome. You basically just produced shop drawings lol. I would love a demo– maybe it will solve the issue I had before of wanting to simply ‘drag and drop’ images into LO into existing rectangles to keep the formatting of the pages clean and uniform.

The only thing I noticed that is odd, is that in your drawings the 2" shelves are now 1" + 1.25", almost like two shelves stacked on top of one another. I’m guessing it has something to do with how I push/pulled to create those shelves and then erased the visible front edges? I’m also guessing you didn’t redraw my object as both an elevation and section but somehow SU or LO helped convert to those? I’m sitting her fairly blown away at how quickly you did all that, lol.

I could send you a bill. :smiley:

I can set something up. When would work? Dragging and dropping is not a good practice for working between SketchUp and LayOut. It might seem like it would be easier but it creates all sorts of havoc that ends up being more work.

You didn’t really have any construction method shown. I took some liberties and modeled it the way I’d build it in the shop. Dimensions can be adjusted. I’d actually change a few other things still.

You’re right. There’s only one instance of the model. I created three different scenes. The 3/4 view with the texture displayed, a front view and a right side view both in Hidden Line so it’s back lines and white background.

Well, you got me there as well– I’m not a carpenter, though I have logged about 30 hours hand jack-planing a 7’ piece of live edge black oak for a desk. And unfortunately this is spec work and a favor to a friend, lol. I wish I could send someone a bill, too. I’m on a couple deadlines today but let me know a few times that work and what all is involved and I’ll let you know, thank you.

Well, your friend can build it however he wants. :wink:

Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

Sounds good. Let me know best way to contact if not on here. Also will you make your version of the file available to me? I would both like to use it and also see what i can learn from your approach which clearly is smarter than my brute force methodology. Let me know, thank you.

Here’s the link: Dropbox - File Deleted

We can connect tomorrow through the forum.

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