Layout Confusions

I’m a bit confused about any of the directives given to me either by the users of sketchup or through sketchup learn dropdown tutorials. None of them follow completely through the directives. For examples: I have no "Text Positions going through “Dimensions” Also as I try creating linear dimensions choosing fractional measurements through “Marking Dimensions” it keeps defaulting back to decimals. Now the many unsuccessful try’s with them issues lead me thinking that sketchup can only export over to layout and not the vice versa. I hope I’m wrong on that thought. I’m using sketchup pro 2023. Can anyone explain this to me? As my username says, student101. Thank you. Keith

Moved to the layout section :wink:

I’m about to turn off, but many users work with layout. Like DaveR right now typing stuff :slight_smile:

I was trying to help you in your other thread but I couldn’t get a clear answer to any of my questions to you and you never shared the LayOut file like I asked.

It is a one way street from SketchUp to LayOut. Changes you make in LayOut do not modify the SketchUp model.

Sorry Dave, I did mention I don’t know how to share a layout file. Do you have time to guide me?

You told me you don’t know how to share your screen.

Drag and drop the LayOut file into a reply. Or, if it’s larger than 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link to it.

I will try both. I’m a little familiar with Google Docs. We’ll see. Give me some time to figure it out.

I hope you can see this Dave. Like I mentioned about not seeing the closer dimensions which were created in sketchup and exported to Layout. I would like to set dimensions for the circled ones like this >I 3’ I< (maybe with the curve view.) in Layout and then send it back to sketchup. Not unless this can be achieved right in sketchup alone without the need for Layout. Thank you again.

You still haven’t shared the LayOut file.

As I told you before, if you put the dimensions in the SketchUp model you need to modify them in SketchUp. From your fuzzy screenshot it does appear that you added the dimensions in SketchUp. Also as I told you in your other thread, you cannot modify the dimensions in the SketchUp model from LayOut. I made video clips to show you how to modiufy the text position in SketchUp as well as in LayOut.

You would do better to add the dimensions in LayOut instead of in SketchUp.

You should go through the tutorials at

I will go back to the learn tutorials and see what I missed. However, are you saying; that I could modify the dimensions in sketchup to do the same as in layout? Also if I add the dimensions in Layout can I send it back to sketch?

I told you and showed you that you can modify the dimensions in SketchUp to adjust the text position. SketchUp doesn’t give you as much control over dimensions as LayOut does but to get that additional control in LayOut you have to insert the dimensions in LayOut.

No. As I already told you, it’s a one way street from SketchUp to LayOut.

Dimensions are a documentation thing. Do the documentation stuff in LayOut. Create the 3D model in SketchUp and set up scenes to show the model as you need to see it. In LayOut use those scenes for the viewports. Then add text, annotations, and dimensions in LayOut.

These dimensions are added in LayOut. The text position was done automatically as I added them.