Saving a 2D model in Sketchup to then use in Layout

Hi all,

So I’m trying to save and or send individual 2D models from sketchup and use them in layout. I’ve tried sending straight to layout with mixed success. 1 out of 10 of the models goes fine, the other 9 it either includes everything else on the page (even if not highlighted), or its totally blank in Layout.
Saving models saves random models, images or files that I haven’t even got open.

Any help with the correct and best way to get a model from sketchup to layout would be great, thanks

Are you creating scenes on sketchup?

I hadn’t, but just have. Will this help the process?

Also if I do manage to get a model in to layout, I go to re scale it and it either turns into a random different model or it vanishes. Its very frustrating

Can you share the layout file?

this one since being sent to layout has lost its definition, outline and is pixalated. The last one I did just disappeared etc etc

Now I can’t
send the file because its too big, doesn’t seem to respond if I change the scale?

You can share bigger files via dropbox or something simular.
Please share both layout and the attached sketchup file if possible, thnx.

Hi, how do I use dropbox on this forum? Sorry I’, not very good at this stuff

If you have a dropbox account, you can upload the files there and request a link you can copy&paste here.

If you do not want to register for a dropbox account, you could also use wetransfer without registrating, and share the link in your posts here.

this is from the same sketchup file, but behaves in totally different way when in layout.

thanks for your help!!

What do you mean by a totally different way? What are you expecting?

You have not set up a scene in the SketchUp model before sending to LayOut.

like I said above, as soon as I try to move the models, change the size of them etc, some disappear entirely, some some morph in to another model of a different plant, some refuse to have their scale altered, some loose 50% of their detail. etc Surely their is a fool proof way to take a simple 2D model?shape and transfer it to Layout with out any problems?

I did for the 1st one. Or so I thought. Once I’ve set up a scene, how do I go about saving that and or sending to layout?

There are no scenes in the SketchUp file attached to the LayOut file you shared.

The viewport resizes just fine for me. This must be something with the way you are trying to do it.

It isn’t that difficult to do. It does require that you learn how to use both applications. Create scenes in SketchUp to show the model the way you want to show it on the page in LayOut Save the file and send to LayOut. The scene that was active when you saved the file will be displayed in the viewport. If you need more than one viewport, copy the first one and paste it then change the scene as needed. Sounds to me as if you are blundering along trying to figure this out and making it up as you go. Why don’t you take a little time and go through the tutorials at

By the way, there is a ton of unused stuff in your file. You need to learnabout purging unused stuff from the file as you work
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 7_11_23 AM

Here’s your file after purging the SketchUp file and creating a scene to use in the LayOut file. You can open the purged SketchUp file by right clicking on the plant and selecting Open with SketchUp.
2D grasses purged.layout (457.6 KB)

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Thank Dave R, well I had once upon a time had lessons in Sketchup, years ago now. I have definatly been trying to plunder on a bit.

Many thanks for your help and suggestions. I’ll get some of the tutorials done and see how I do then.



plus my computer is too slow and old which doesn’t help

The purged file is extremely pixalated though, I can’t use it like that, not sure why its so pixalated?

Heres what it looks like in comparison to the green one that I managed to get in earlier